At the tender age of eighteen, I left home as my parents did not approve of my boyfriend. I shared a flat in Finsbury Park with two girls - independence was both exciting and terrifying. Part of me enjoyed working on the flower stall, it was very colourful and it was interesting watching the people walking by - lots of amazing characters. While waiting for the customers, I would read lots and paint pictures of the flowers. I found that people were happy to buy my paintings.

The weather can be cruel and so cold if you work outside and one winter, I nearly froze to death, along with the flowers that had frozen in their buckets. I dreamed of doing something in the art world and managed to find a job as a receptionist in a commercial art studio in the West End, with the hope that my artistic talent would be discovered and I would be taken on as an apprentice (a ‘gofer’). I did surprise them with my artistic ability and should have stayed there and become an artist. but I met my children's father and letting my heart rule my head, moved south and then became a mother.

After I had my children, I did paint again and exhibited some of my paintings in Horsham with the Horsham District Arts Council and also began writing plays. I had been given an old Amstrad computer for a painting and happily typed away for hours. I became a single mum in 2000 and escaped from a very difficult relationship. I had many part time jobs to work around the children's schooling but always found the odd moment to write.


I moved to Horsham in 2005 so the children could be nearer to their schools and friends. Horsham was were I spent my holidays when I came to stay with my grandmother and I have spent many happy years here. I met and married my wonderful husband Martin who is my soul mate and my best friend. He wass very supportive and encouraged me to get my first book '3004' published. The Book Guild published my book in 2011.

In 2014 I self published my second book 'Chanctonbury' and have learnt so much about the publishing business, met some wonderful people and am getting mostly great reviews.

In 2015 I published a children's book ''Milly's Magic Quilt' which I illustrated and then a second in the series in 2016. 3006, a sequel to 3004 was published in July 2016.

I have always had a compulsion to be creative and like to paint or think up new inventions but I am at my happiest when I write, losing myself in a parallel world; engineering unusual situations with twists and turns. When I write a play or a story, I hope that I might intrigue or make others smile.

We now live by the sea and I am looking forward to the future.

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